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Educational Programs

Sarasota County's EdExplore Program

We are so excited to be a part of Ed Explore SRQ!    Visit Sarasota Jungle Gardens where we make learning experiential and fun.  Our explorations will make science tangible, relevant, meaningful and memorable. Our goal is to bring science topics alive in the classroom through in-school directed programs as well as in-field visits to Sarasota Jungle Gardens.  During the in-school programs, our staff will bring live animals to the classroom creating numerous academic opportunities that will educate and inspire students.  There will be hands-on opportunities with animals where students can interact and ask questions from a trained zookeeper or staff member.  

For the in-field programs, our educators will do topic specific presentations and facilitate discussion about various animal or plant related topics.  They will utilize hand outs, question and answers, compare and contrast and other activities to challenge students allowing opportunities for collaboration among students, observation and documentation exercises specific to each academic level.  Students will learn about the basic health of animals, their characteristics, diet, life cycles, life span, habitats, geographical distribution and distinctive features.   They will also discuss climate, native and exotic species, biology, animal communications, oceans, conservation, care, behaviors, animal careers and enrichment.  When appropriate the children will get an opportunity to touch or hold animals represented in the subject being presented.  "It's a Jungle Out There".

Horticultural Hunters

Life in many forms all begins with a seed. In time that seed blossoms into something amazing! At Sarasota Jungle Gardens we have thousands of different types of plants. Some small, and some as large as an apartment building. Come explore the Jungle and learn about the vegetation. How does this differ from native plants? How does a plant reproduce? What are the different parts of a plant? Learn about this and much more.

This is a guided tour with interactions through the Jungle of our Zoo. Students will get a hands on learning opportunity to explore the Jungles that make Sarasota Jungle Gardens famous. They will get to plant their very own specimen to take with them. Learning packets will be provided to teacher before the exploration to help guide the students into learning as much as possible from the trip.

Students will get to learn what a plant needs, how they grow, and even what they look like under a microscope!

Reptile Rangers

I'm sure you've heard...Reptiles are slimy! Reptiles are ugly! Reptiles are gross!

NOT TRUE! Come learn the real things about reptiles at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. We will teach you all about our reptilian friends and debunk some of the myths about them. Students will get hands on learning as well as wondrous shows. They will get to feed alligators and hold some snakes!

They will learn about how these animals use their senses differently than other animals. Why are snakes tongues forked? What does cold blooded mean? These questions and more can be answered in a fun and exciting way!

Special shows for larger groups can be done at the beginning of the exploration. Please contact us for more information!

Fantastic Flights

With this fun and fascinating spectacle of flying friends, your group can learn just about everything there is to know about flying animals and insects. They will get to feed and interact with real flamingos, learn about birds of prey, see the rainbow of tropical birds, and even see and learn about butterflies!

Every flying animal is different, but they do have a lot in common. How do they fly? Where do they fly? When do they fly? these questions and more can be answered on your fun filled day.

Along with the educational aspect of your trip, each student can get the chance to hold a bird and get their pictures taken. Depending on the amount of students, a special show may be done for your group in the beginning of the exploration.

Wildlife Explorers

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go on a wildlife exploration? Come take a trek with us through wild jungles and meet interesting animals along the way. Learn how some animals use their senses just like us! Or find out how some can see in the dark! Sarasota Jungle Gardens’ Wildlife Explorers will learn this and many more things throughout the park while getting up close and personal with animals.

The focus of this exploration will be on “Natural Science” and “Life Science”.

Students will be guided through areas of the park and investigate for information on the animals featured. They will learn about habitats, life spans, diets, characteristics, and much more!

For Kindergarten students: Each area of the park has a "Read Before You See" book to read with students before coming to the park.

Safari Exploration

A fun and educational experience through Sarasota Jungle Gardens! Students will get up close and personal encounters with many animals and explore the Jungle along the way!

This exciting experience will include: mammals, and birds, and reptiles! "Oh My!"  Some are big, some are small, but they all have things in common!

Lets learn!

Zoo to You!

We bring the excitement of visiting our Jungle to you! Your group can view or interact with a variety of animals and plant life right from Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Live animal presentations and hands on learning make your even fun and memorable.

Our Zookeepers can visit and have a presentation including amazing facts and information about the zoo life. The presentations last between 30 - 60 minutes and participants may also have the opportunity to touch many of the animals!

Our presentations can be held indoors or outdoors to audiences of 5 to 5,000. We can discuss a wide variety of subjects including conservation, jungles around the world, ecology, animal care and facts, animal-related professions, Florida natives, and safety training. We can customize our program to math your theme!


Click here to go to our provider page on the EdExploreSRQ Website or call us to arrange an exploration (941) 355-1112 x307

Field Trips

Information in development, still to come.


Information in development, still to come.


Are you trying to raise funds for schools or other benefits?  We now do fundraising events here at Jungle Gardens.  Call us at 941-355-1112 x307 for more information.